Scenic Road Mortar Box & Mortar Pan

10 Year Warranty|3 - 10 cu. ft. Capacity

Features & Benefits

  • UV stabilized to resist heat and cold; will not rust or corrode like steel products
  • Extra thick high-density polyethylene tray offers a bend- and dent-resistant design
  • Capacity of 3 to 10 cubic feet, depending on model
  • Easy to clean
  • Made in the USA 

Mortar Box & Mortar Pan

10 YR Warranty

Mortar Box
  • 61" x 32" x 12.5"
  • Weighs 20lbs
  • Capacity of up to 10 cu. ft.

10 YR Warranty

Mortar Pan
  • 31" x 31" x 7.5"
  • Weighs 8lbs
  • Capacity of up to 3 cu. ft.

More Than Just a Construction Tool: Creative Mortar Box Uses

Scenic Road Mortar Boxes and Mortar Pans aren't only for carrying materials from one place to another. Some of the more unique uses we've seen include:

  • Gardening. Use a mortar box as a planter for herbs, flowers, or vegetables. You can also store gardening tools or use it as a potting station.
  • Storage. Store firewood, pet food, or other household items in our large mortar boxes.
  • Sandpit. Fill your mortar box with sand and use it as a sandbox for kids to play in. 
  • Ice Coolers. Fill your mortar box with ice and use it as a cooler for drinks during a party or barbecue.
  • Bird Baths. Learn how Martha Stewart uses her Scenic Road mortar boxes to provide safe, shallow pools for her geese during breeding season.