Scenic Road Wheelbarrow Reviews

Read Scenic Road Wheelbarrow Reviews

"Best wheelbarrow out there, hands down."

- Dan McGhee Owner of Elite Concrete, Moyock, NC


"I've been wheeling concrete for twenty years. Scenic Road wheelbarrows surpass all competitors in versatility, load capacity, and ease of dumping."

- Mike Currie from Currie Grove LLC, Stowe, PA


"After 25 yrs. of service on our Pecan/cattle farm, I am finally having to replace the handles on my "Landscaper's Joy." This twin-wheeled beauty has probably carried and hauled just about everything I can think of. With the 10 Cube tub, it's nothing to put 8 or 9, 100-pound sacks of pecans and wheel them wherever. This Wheelbarrow is the best I've ever owned."

- Wayne Apon from Heaven's SawDust, Albany, GA


"I have 5 of these beauties, the oldest being 10 years old. I use them almost daily for my landscaping business. The tray is rugged and shows no sign of wear. The balance with full loads is great - I keep the weight towards the front to minimize the handle lifting. Suggest buying the flat free tires."

- J. Mack from Minnesota


“We have operated a clay tennis court maintenance and construction company since 1962. I can never remember a time when the different crew foremen were fighting over a wheelbarrow to take on their job. The M6-1T is in high demand so I have since ordered two more.

You might like to know that some of the strong guys on our crew like to really load a wheelbarrow. Your wheelbarrow was able to move a total of thirteen 80 lb. bags of surfacing material across a tennis court. That is over half a ton! Thanks for the excellent product.”

- Mike Kenney of New England Tennis Courts, Inc.


"When we purchased Two 10 cu ft Scenic Road wheelbarrows 24 YEARS AGO, I did not realize they would be the last ones we would ever need to buy!!! The longevity of this product due to the quality of the materials and fantastic design is unheard of in this day and age. David Esh’s commitment to customer service is fabulous. My request for a few simple replacement parts (finally!) was filled promptly and professionally. Now it is as if I have two new wheelbarrows again!! I would highly recommend these products to anyone!"

- Jan Beale from Pen-y-Bryn Equestrian Center, Ltd. Chester Springs, PA



"The M6-2R wheelbarrow I ordered from is a well-made quality crafted tool. I found the assembly instructions very clear and had no difficulty assembling the wheelbarrow in just about 20 minutes, taking my time.

The tray is thick and should last for many years with its UV stabilizers in the material. It handles well with the two wheels and is easy to transport as much load as this 70-year-old wants to move at one time! My old rusted-out metal one will be re-purposed with pressure treated lumber to become a flat bed wheelbarrow.

My preference would have been to purchase from a local store. Had it not been so far, I would have happily come to your shop to pick it up!

Thanks for a great product. It will see homeowner use. I've got two dump truck loads of soil to move across the yard as its first big job."

- Richard Streib from Pennsylvania