Plastic Wheelbarrow






When is a Plastic Wheelbarrow not a Plastic Wheelbarrow?


Don't be fooled. Our "Plastic" Wheelbarrow is anything but cheap plastic -- our tray is the toughest on the market because it's made of super thick High Density PolyEthylene (HDPE) with UV stabilizers --for a significantly more durable tray than the cheap, thin plastic trays commonly found at retail outlets.

Our wheelbarrows are the only wheelbarrows that many professionals and tradesmen will use - from masons, to concrete workers, to landscapers. They are more than enough to handle anything a DIYer or homeowner can throw at them.

All of our "not plastic" wheelbarrows have superior trays, which are vacuum molded -- not injection molded (look for the support ribs on the lip of the tray). Our process produces a more pliable, crack and impact resistant tray, durable enough for the most challenging projects.

Features of our Plastic Wheelbarrow:

  • Our HDPE Wheelbarrow trays are as durable as steel and won't dent or rust out
  • Our HDPE trays are significantly lighter weight than popular steel trays models
  • Our HDPE trays are backed by a industry leading 5 or 10 year warranty
  • This is not a throwaway wheelbarrow!


  Scenic Road
800 lb. Load Capacity
10 Year Warranty
Powder Coated Structural Steel Undercarriage
  Scenic Lane
400 lb. load Capacity
5 Year Warranty
Powder Coated Structural Steel Undercarriage