HDPE Poly Tray Wheelbarrow






Poly Wheelbarrow


Our Poly Wheelbarrow is strong like steel but 20% lighter to help you get all your outdoor jobs accomplished with less stress and strain. This durable material doesn’t rust or dent and is used for the same tough jobs as traditional steel wheelbarrows. To handle those extra challenging worksites, our poly wheelbarrow tires and wheels have higher-quality air retention for improved performance, even after running over curbs and rocks.

Features of our Poly Wheelbarrow:

  • ZERO cheap plastic parts
  • Extra thick HDPE poly trays that perform in the coldest and hottest temperatures and never rust
  • Trusted by construction professionals to haul the heaviest loads
  • 20% lighter than steel
  • Strong and reliable lacquered red oak handles
  • Quality tires with tough butyl inner tubes (found on motorcycles)
  • High-quality wheel bearings with grease fittings
  • Excellent ergonomics and balance means more work and less fatigue
  • Built to last a lifetime and backed by our Pennsylvania factory - every part is replaceable
  • This is not a throwaway wheelbarrow!
  • Load capacities of 400 lbs.
  • 5 year warranty


  Scenic Road Poly - 800 lb. load - Wheelbarrow  Scenic Lane Poly - 400 lb. load - Wheelbarrow