8 Cu. Ft. Wheelbarrow






8 Cu. Ft. Wheelbarrow


Popular with tradesmen, farmers and ranchers, and homeowners wanting more tray capacity to work more efficiently. Our 8 cu. ft. wheelbarrow is manufactured with superior components to provide guaranteed dependability for home improvement projects or on the job site.

This single wheel design provides excellent load capacity to get your work done quickly and efficiently.

Features of our 8 Cu. Ft. Wheelbarrows:

  • No Cheap Plastic Parts
  • Extra thick high-density polyethylene (HDPE) poly trays performs like steel: won't dent or rust
  • Single or Double Wheel
  • 32" wide tray fits through doorways, gates, and stalls
  • Ideal for hurricane, flood cleanup, and other emergencies. Will move large amount of debris through standard size  openings
  • Ergonomic tray design requires 8% less energy and strength to lift and move fully loaded wheelbarrow
  • Extra thick red oak wood lacquered handles
  • Premium tires with tough butyl inner tube (found on motorcycles)
  • Durable wheel bearings with grease fitting
  • This is not a throwaway wheelbarrow!


  Scenic Road 8 cu. ft.
800 lb. Load Capacity
10 Year Warranty
Powder Coated Structural Steel Undercarriage
  Scenic Lane 8 cu. ft.
400 lb. load Capacity
5 Year Warranty
Powder Coated Structural Steel Undercarriage